Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

nwjig paterol car cleaned upNot a lot to post with all the closures and restrictions we have seen this past 2 years. We have developed a new product targeting trollers for coho (when it’s open) and chinook.

It is a variation on a tube fly that can be used with a single or dual hook setup using 25-40 pound test leaders.

Visit the store to see the various selection under Salmon Trolling Flies.

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WebSite Issues Resolved

To all STORE/Order NOW Customers,

We were down for a few days with some technical issues on the site.


Hope you are able to get orders in without difficulty now.


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Steehead Collectible Photos

Blog sthd1 11 2015

Summer Runs

Blog sthd 3 11-2015

Three’s A Crowd

Blog sthd 2 11-2015

Great Colors

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Coho Time

Local fishing buddy with a twitched  up coho off our island. don coho

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Fall Coho Twitching Time

After a rather dry fall in the Pacific Northwest…………. we are finally getting our fall coho arrivals here in the islands. A bit on the smaller side in general this season, but still a blast to fish for.ralph coho9 2015
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I’m not the only one Coho Fishing

While fishing for coho in the San Juan Islands we sometimes run into some rather ominous fishing competition. This is not a zoomed out photo, but rather  a hungry and curious orca whale moving in on the coho salmon we are trolling for off San Juan island. A joy to photograph and watch………… but the fishing is usually pretty spotty after they arrive in an area.


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New Jig Believer

Twitching Jigs do the trick.

Here is a recent NW Jig lure client who tried a bit of twitching for coho this year in addition to his typical methods from past excursions.

He and his group found mixing it up with some ” twitching”  rounded out their arsenal.

Thanks for the feedback.NWJIG BLOG CLIENT MITCH

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