WebSite Issues Resolved

To all STORE/Order NOW Customers,

We were down for a few days with some technical issues on the site.

Something to do with writing code to enable foreign language characters to function in the search engine. All to technical for my fish brain.

Hope you are able to get orders in without difficulty now.

Sorry !!!!

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Steehead Collectible Photos

Blog sthd1 11 2015

Summer Runs

Blog sthd 3 11-2015

Three’s A Crowd

Blog sthd 2 11-2015

Great Colors

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Coho Time

Local fishing buddy with a twitched  up coho off our island. don coho

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Fall Coho Twitching Time

After a rather dry fall in the Pacific Northwest…………. we are finally getting our fall coho arrivals here in the islands. A bit on the smaller side in general this season, but still a blast to fish for.ralph coho9 2015
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I’m not the only one Coho Fishing

While fishing for coho in the San Juan Islands we sometimes run into some rather ominous fishing competition. This is not a zoomed out photo, but rather  a hungry and curious orca whale moving in on the coho salmon we are trolling for off San Juan island. A joy to photograph and watch………… but the fishing is usually pretty spotty after they arrive in an area.


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New Jig Believer

Twitching Jigs do the trick.

Here is a recent NW Jig lure client who tried a bit of twitching for coho this year in addition to his typical methods from past excursions.

He and his group found mixing it up with some ” twitching”  rounded out their arsenal.

Thanks for the feedback.NWJIG BLOG CLIENT MITCH

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Summer Kings are here in Puget Sound

As summer has arrived in Puget Sound we are seeing early runs of pink salmon nearly a month early. This fish grabbed a small spoon in adjacent  Anacortes Wa waters this morning at first light.  Northwest Jigs pink salmon lures are working well for these aggressive  pink salmon. I am running specials on these lures when purchased in larger quantities. See the store for this offer.

Summer Kings have arrived

Summer Kings have arrived

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